Princess Parties New York, USA (Childrens Entertainers Required)



My Little Princess is a Childrens Entertaining Party Company that provides Princesses, Fairies, Pirate and Superheroes for Childrens Birthday Parties.

We are currently based in the UK and we have been running since 2008. One of the original princess party companies we have expanded across the UK and now its time for us to expand across the pond to the USA.

We plan to offer princess parties all across the US and our first city is going to be NEW YORK :)

So we are looking for potential Princesses, Fairies, Pirates and Superheroes to be the first members of our USA My Little Princess team!

If you look like a real life princess or pirate and you have the confidence and ability to entertain 25 screaming 3-7 year olds we would love to hear from you.

If New York is anything like the UK. The party bookings will mainly be weekends, so we are looking for entertainers who are free most weekends and are very reliable and can commit to party bookings up to 2 months in advance. Our idea candidates are students with 2-3 years left of study. Actors and Actresses are fantastic at the job but can’t give availability and people who work full time often struggle to work full time and be a princess or pirate at the weekends. But please feel free to apply what ever your situation and we can review your situation.

We would require 12 months of commitment to parties for My Little Princess and all training will be provided.

My Little Princess entertainers are self employed entertainers. So you will need to register as Self Employed and pay your own taxes.

The rate of pay is very good and its a very rewarding fun job. In the UK many of our entertainers do 2-4 parties a weekend. So we feel there is no reason why we can’t be just as busy if not busier in New York.

We plan to come over to New York to train 4-6 entertainers over a 2 day audition/training event in the next few months. So the sooner we find 4-6 entertainers the quicker we can run the training!

So please fill out the application form below. Make sure you attach at least 3 photos of your self. With at least 1 head shot and 1 full body. Then also your CV.

We will only be able to reply to successful applicants.

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