“Once upon a time a little girl dreamt of having a real life Princess for her birthday party… With My Little Princess, dreams can come true…”

Whatever character your child adores, My Little Princess can make their dreams come true and bring to life their favorite fairytale character in their very own home or chosen venue.

We can cater to any little princesses needs! Whether she loves dancing, singing, story time, balloon modelling or games our Princesses aim to please!

We can adopt our parties to any theme and the boys love our parties just as much as the girls. We often do Princess & Pirate, Princess & Superhero. We offer many different characters. Just call or email to ask what ones we do.

Our most popular package is the 2 Hour Package and the party plan for this is below. But we do also offer 30 & 45 Minute Appearances and 60 & 90 minute party packages. We have different party packages available:

The Party Plan for our 2 Hour Birthday Party Package:

What we do in the two hours?

Your chosen character is in complete character from the start getting to know the children and quickly learning names! It’s a magical moment when your entertainer enters the room and this is a great time to take photos. Right from the beginning your princess will get all the children singing Happy Birthday to your little girl to begin the party. And we get all the children to make a tunnel for the birthday child to walk through to then receive their princess or superhero coronation. Everyone will then have a quick lesson on how to be a real life princess or superhero.

After that it’s a combination of fun games. Starting with duck duck goose, leading into a jam packed adventure, which gets the children up and active involving them in imaginary role-play. This story then leads into finding the rainbow and they get to play parachute games. We provide a 3m parachute to play a number of games with from ‘Splat’ to ‘Cat and mouse’.

This always takes us an hour into the party where we can take a breather for food. Feel free to be as imaginative as you want! With princess plates and party hats! During food time your princess will be a busy bee inflating lots of modelling balloons to model into shapes for each child to take home at the end of the party. She will stay with the children and this is where they get to ask the entertainer lots of questions.

After the food its time for the singing and dancing!! We provide all the appropriate music for your child including the classic Disney princess albums from Frozen to Rapunzel sound tracks, current pop music & others. The children sing a song first after food. Let it Go being a favorite. Then it’s a chance for all of the children to win chocolate treasure from us with musical frozen statues and musical bumps. All in the style of your chosen booked Princess or Superhero. For example Ice parties we call them icy frozen statues! Princess parties we call them Princess & Grrring Pirate statutes!

This then takes us to the end. Just before we all leave the party this is a lovely moment to indulge in a WISH….This is fairy dust , which resembles loose glitter and we provide this as a simple token to end the party on a magical note!

Where to have your party?

This is entirely up to you. It’s quite common to have the party in your own home providing you have the space for 20-30 children max to dance around and play games! Otherwise any venue with enough room to hold the party is good for us!

If you have any other questions please see our FAQ section.

So to Recap-

* Princess or Superhero introduction and Photo Opportunity

*Princess or Superhero Coronation

*Princess Etiquette or Superhero Lessons

* Duck Duck Goose (Interpreted as Snow, Snow Snowman!! or Princess,Princess Pirate)

* Role Play, Story Telling and Adventure Game

* Parachute

* Food- Yummy! (Provided by you!)

* Balloon Modelling

*Singing and Dancing

*Fairy Dust Wish

This is our most popular package but we also offer different options: CLICK HERE

If you are interested in booking a party please fill out the details below.