New York

My name is Libby, and I’m so excited to be a part of your My Little Princess Party!

As a little girl growing up in Little Rock, I learned that by sharing and inventing stories, I held the power to engage those around me. My first love was the theater, and it inspired my move to the city. As a recent honors graduate of New York University, with a degree in Journalism and Performance, I am now an aspiring actress living in the Village. When I’m not auditioning or taking class, I’m a professional nanny for local families and picking up stints from event modeling to freelance writing.

I remember admiring all of the Princesses as a child and I can still be caught singing all the Princess songs today—Because I’ll always see these characters in myself. That’s the beauty of a My Little Princess Party, and I’ll make this beautiful connection with your child and friends. I love to sing, dance, play games, eat—every princess loves cake!—But above all, I would absolutely love to celebrate your child’s special day.