Los Angeles, California

Kendall Collage New

Hi everyone! I’m Kendall and I’m Los Angeles based actress! When I was younger, I had a princess birthday party which my favorite princess, Ariel, attended, and I was absolutely thrilled! Since then, I’ve hoped and wished I’d have a chance to be a princess and bring the same joy into other kids lives! I’ve worked with kids my entire life, starting as a babysitter in middle school, and currently as a dance instructor and princess! I believe that birthday parties should be fun and easy for all involved, from the kiddos to the moms and dads! As a dance instructor, I’m used to dealing with all sorts of rambunctious little ones, having worked with ages 2-14 for the majority of my career! I hope that I have the wonderful opportunity to bring a little magic and pixie dust to your special little one’s celebration!

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