New York


Hi Mommies and Daddies,

I’m Jazmine and I’m an actress in New York City! I’ve always loved performing but performing for children is even more special. The way they can live in the imagination is inspiring to me and I am extremely excited to be working with My Little Princess Parties! I’m pretty much a girl that never grew up. I had all the princess movies as a kid and still watch them to this day! So I guess you could say that this job is a dream come true but whats even better is making the child’s dream come true.
I want them to remember this birthday!
The best feeling is when their eyes light up when they see that their favorite princess has come to their party to see them. My goal is to make them feel so special. It would be an honor to be invited to your little princess or prince’s birthday party!

Sending hugs and fairy dust your way!

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