Los Angeles, California

Caitlin Collage

Hi, everyone!

I’m Caitlin and I’m so excited to be working for My Little Princess Parties! I have loved Disney movies since before I could form full sentences, in fact, a favorite story of my moms is when I was not quite 2: I was watching Lady and the Tramp on my own and my mom came in to check on me during the famous spaghetti scene. I turned around with tears streaming down my face and said: “I’m crying and I don’t know why?!” Clearly, the love was too strong!

My favorite Disney movies growing up were The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, and Cinderella. One of which I now get to portray now!! I continue to love Disney and even had the pleasure of working at the Magic Kingdom for almost two years! I know what a huge impact Disney can have on a child and I can’t wait to come to your party and bring your child’s favorite character to life!

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