New York

Brittany Collage New

Hello my Princes & Princesses! It would be my honor to join you at your special event for a royal experience we will undoubtedly create together! Hailing from New York City, I have been honored to wear the crowns of some of my favorite princesses over the years, (not to mention my favorite set of fairy wings!) With me I bring 10 years of experience working with and teaching children, a lifetime commitment to performance and the arts, a deep love for music and its healing powers, and the belief that all a child needs is the freedom to imagine. My duty as a princess (or fairy!) is not one I take lightly; I believe every child deserves to feel special, listened to, enormously loved, and of course, entertained! I am here to create a safe, educational environment that will fill them with memories and belly laughs.
I earned my BFA in Musical Theatre from Montclair State University in 2010, and currently reside in New York. I truly hope to meet you soon!
Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust,

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